Source code for django_celery_beat.admin

"""Periodic Task Admin interface."""
from celery import current_app
from celery.utils import cached_property
from django import forms
from django.conf import settings
from django.contrib import admin, messages
from django.db.models import Case, Value, When
from django.forms.widgets import Select
from django.template.defaultfilters import pluralize
from django.utils.translation import gettext_lazy as _
from kombu.utils.json import loads

from .models import (ClockedSchedule, CrontabSchedule, IntervalSchedule,
                     PeriodicTask, PeriodicTasks, SolarSchedule)
from .utils import is_database_scheduler

[docs]class TaskSelectWidget(Select): """Widget that lets you choose between task names.""" celery_app = current_app _choices = None
[docs] def tasks_as_choices(self): _ = self._modules tasks = list(sorted(name for name in self.celery_app.tasks if not name.startswith('celery.'))) return (('', ''), ) + tuple(zip(tasks, tasks))
@property def choices(self): if self._choices is None: self._choices = self.tasks_as_choices() return self._choices @choices.setter def choices(self, _): # ChoiceField.__init__ sets ``self.choices = choices`` # which would override ours. pass @cached_property def _modules(self): self.celery_app.loader.import_default_modules()
[docs]class TaskChoiceField(forms.ChoiceField): """Field that lets you choose between task names.""" widget = TaskSelectWidget
[docs] def valid_value(self, value): return True
[docs]class PeriodicTaskForm(forms.ModelForm): """Form that lets you create and modify periodic tasks.""" regtask = TaskChoiceField( label=_('Task (registered)'), required=False, ) task = forms.CharField( label=_('Task (custom)'), required=False, max_length=200, )
[docs] class Meta: """Form metadata.""" model = PeriodicTask exclude = ()
[docs] def clean(self): data = super().clean() regtask = data.get('regtask') if regtask: data['task'] = regtask if not data['task']: exc = forms.ValidationError(_('Need name of task')) self._errors['task'] = self.error_class(exc.messages) raise exc if data.get('expire_seconds') is not None and data.get('expires'): raise forms.ValidationError( _('Only one can be set, in expires and expire_seconds') ) return data
def _clean_json(self, field): value = self.cleaned_data[field] try: loads(value) except ValueError as exc: raise forms.ValidationError( _('Unable to parse JSON: %s') % exc, ) return value
[docs] def clean_args(self): return self._clean_json('args')
[docs] def clean_kwargs(self): return self._clean_json('kwargs')
[docs]class PeriodicTaskAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin): """Admin-interface for periodic tasks.""" form = PeriodicTaskForm model = PeriodicTask celery_app = current_app date_hierarchy = 'start_time' list_display = ('name', 'enabled', 'scheduler', 'interval', 'start_time', 'last_run_at', 'one_off') list_filter = ['enabled', 'one_off', 'task', 'start_time', 'last_run_at'] actions = ('enable_tasks', 'disable_tasks', 'toggle_tasks', 'run_tasks') search_fields = ('name',) fieldsets = ( (None, { 'fields': ('name', 'regtask', 'task', 'enabled', 'description',), 'classes': ('extrapretty', 'wide'), }), (_('Schedule'), { 'fields': ('interval', 'crontab', 'crontab_translation', 'solar', 'clocked', 'start_time', 'last_run_at', 'one_off'), 'classes': ('extrapretty', 'wide'), }), (_('Arguments'), { 'fields': ('args', 'kwargs'), 'classes': ('extrapretty', 'wide', 'collapse', 'in'), }), (_('Execution Options'), { 'fields': ('expires', 'expire_seconds', 'queue', 'exchange', 'routing_key', 'priority', 'headers'), 'classes': ('extrapretty', 'wide', 'collapse', 'in'), }), ) readonly_fields = ( 'last_run_at', 'crontab_translation', )
[docs] def crontab_translation(self, obj): return obj.crontab.human_readable
change_form_template = 'admin/djcelery/change_periodictask_form.html'
[docs] def changeform_view(self, request, object_id=None, form_url='', extra_context=None): extra_context = extra_context or {} crontabs = CrontabSchedule.objects.all() crontab_dict = {} for crontab in crontabs: crontab_dict[] = crontab.human_readable extra_context['readable_crontabs'] = crontab_dict return super().changeform_view(request, object_id, extra_context=extra_context)
[docs] def changelist_view(self, request, extra_context=None): extra_context = extra_context or {} scheduler = getattr(settings, 'CELERY_BEAT_SCHEDULER', None) extra_context['wrong_scheduler'] = not is_database_scheduler(scheduler) return super().changelist_view( request, extra_context)
[docs] def get_queryset(self, request): qs = super().get_queryset(request) return qs.select_related('interval', 'crontab', 'solar', 'clocked')
def _message_user_about_update(self, request, rows_updated, verb): """Send message about action to user. `verb` should shortly describe what have changed (e.g. 'enabled'). """ self.message_user( request, _('{0} task{1} {2} successfully {3}').format( rows_updated, pluralize(rows_updated), pluralize(rows_updated, _('was,were')), verb, ), )
[docs] def enable_tasks(self, request, queryset): rows_updated = queryset.update(enabled=True) PeriodicTasks.update_changed() self._message_user_about_update(request, rows_updated, 'enabled')
enable_tasks.short_description = _('Enable selected tasks')
[docs] def disable_tasks(self, request, queryset): rows_updated = queryset.update(enabled=False, last_run_at=None) PeriodicTasks.update_changed() self._message_user_about_update(request, rows_updated, 'disabled')
disable_tasks.short_description = _('Disable selected tasks') def _toggle_tasks_activity(self, queryset): return queryset.update(enabled=Case( When(enabled=True, then=Value(False)), default=Value(True), ))
[docs] def toggle_tasks(self, request, queryset): rows_updated = self._toggle_tasks_activity(queryset) PeriodicTasks.update_changed() self._message_user_about_update(request, rows_updated, 'toggled')
toggle_tasks.short_description = _('Toggle activity of selected tasks')
[docs] def run_tasks(self, request, queryset): self.celery_app.loader.import_default_modules() tasks = [(self.celery_app.tasks.get(task.task), loads(task.args), loads(task.kwargs), task.queue, for task in queryset] if any(t[0] is None for t in tasks): for i, t in enumerate(tasks): if t[0] is None: break # variable "i" will be set because list "tasks" is not empty not_found_task_name = queryset[i].task self.message_user( request, _(f'task "{not_found_task_name}" not found'), level=messages.ERROR, ) return task_ids = [ task.apply_async(args=args, kwargs=kwargs, queue=queue, periodic_task_name=periodic_task_name) if queue and len(queue) else task.apply_async(args=args, kwargs=kwargs, periodic_task_name=periodic_task_name) for task, args, kwargs, queue, periodic_task_name in tasks ] tasks_run = len(task_ids) self.message_user( request, _('{0} task{1} {2} successfully run').format( tasks_run, pluralize(tasks_run), pluralize(tasks_run, _('was,were')), ), )
run_tasks.short_description = _('Run selected tasks')
[docs]class ClockedScheduleAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin): """Admin-interface for clocked schedules.""" fields = ( 'clocked_time', ) list_display = ( 'clocked_time', )
[docs]class CrontabScheduleAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin): """Admin class for CrontabSchedule.""" list_display = ('__str__', 'human_readable'), CrontabScheduleAdmin), ClockedScheduleAdmin), PeriodicTaskAdmin)